Who we are


We are NATIONAL CARE AUSTRALIA, a team of experienced health professionals and volunteers who are dedicated to putting the client’s needs first. Our goal is to assist and support clients with their individual needs in a safe, caring and non-discriminatory environment. We are a registered NDIS home care and service provider. We can provide 24-hour care to adults and children living with disabilities. We aim to provide a healthy and safe environment and enable clients to gain confidence in their abilities and assist them with what they physically cannot do. As each individual has unique needs and goal, we offer a wide variety of services that are custom tailored to the client. We love to learn from our clients- in fact, they are our best teachers! We aim to continually learn in order to improve our services. We envision a community that is inclusive of persons living with a disability. Our priority is to our clients and helping them achieve goals and more independent living.

Our services include personal care such as assistance with showering and hygiene care, meal preparation, assistance with household chores, budget planning and assistance with shopping, nursing care including wound management and medication management, transportation, and assistance with community activities. We are also available to educate family or carers in how to best manage tasks and behaviours. Our services are custom tailored; please get in touch to discuss individual needs and we will be happy to work out a plan that suits your needs.


We respect all disabled persons as equals and embrace their right to pursue their goals and dreams. We focus on the individual client to offer effective solutions and services best tailored to their needs. Our ethos is mutual trust and respect between the client and caregiver. We are committed to providing high quality services. Our team is staffed by dynamic and dedicated individuals who focus on creating pathways for disabled clients to help them overcome personal obstacles.


My passion is health care and enabling all people to live an optimally healthy and fulfilling life. My studies of various health modalities began in India, where I was born. In India I completed a Bachelors’ Degree in Physiotherapy, a Diploma of Yoga Therapy and a Certificate in Manual Therapy. My interest in and passion for health led me to Australia in 2009, where I worked as a Personal Care Worker in Aged Care whilst pursuing my Registered Nurse degree. I remained in Aged Care as a Registered Nurse and found passion and purpose in advocating for excellence in care to the elderly. My drive to make a difference in this industry led me to further study and in 2018 I gained a Masters’ Degree and Endorsement as a Nurse Practitioner in Aged Care. My areas of interest and expertise are in Palliative Care, Dementia Care, pain management, wound care, falls management and clinical leadership.  I have been fortunate to train under well regarded aged care physicians in the Adelaide area; in turn I enjoy sharing my knowledge and supporting fellow aged care employees. I developed a post fall monitoring and assessment tool that is utilised in several aged care facilities in Adelaide. I continually look for ways to improve the care of our elderly population. I have won awards in Excellence in Aged Care both in South Australia and Australia wide.


I began my nursing journey working as a Personal Care Worker in Aged Care whilst studying for my Registered Nurse degree. I gained my degree in 2009 and began working at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where I gained experience across a variety of wards- medical, surgical and emergency department. In this hospital based role I gained knowledge and experience working with people of all ages and all abilities. I enjoyed my work in the hospital, but in 2012 I felt the call to transition back to Aged Care in order to assist with providing quality care to the elderly. My areas of interest are wound care, Dementia Care and Palliative Care. I have recently completed post graduate studies in Palliative Care from Flinders University. I have held numerous roles in my capacity as an Aged Care RN-Clinical Coordinator, Clinical Nurse Manager, Aged Care Funding (ACFI) documentation nurse as well as in charge floor nurse supporting and guiding staff. I am passionate about nursing regardless of the role I am working in. When I am not working I love to cook, travel and spend time with my cherished friends and family


I began my health care journey in India, where I gained my degree and worked as a medical representative. Upon moving to Australia I decided to remain in the heath sector, as my passion is assisting people and giving back to society. I have worked as a Care Worker in both aged care and the disability sector. I have worked with clients from many different countries and cultures- I enjoy learning about their cultures and traditions and providing culturally appropriate care for clients. I love watching my clients grow in confidence and achieve goals and milestones in their journey to lead more independent lives. My goal is to provide high quality service and build a mutual trust with the client.